Abundance vs Scarcity

Have you heard this phrase before? Abundance vs Scarcity? It's not about things, it is a mindset. This is a conversation in our house often. We also equate it to putting God in a box. Scarcity equates to fear and unbelief. Abundance equates to believing so much is possible. The world we live in has a scarcity mindset. Our world is all about creating fear. I don't know about you but I am not interested in living in fear. When Brad or I go to a scarcity mindset, one of us usually notices and points it out (hopefully in a loving and kind way!). It helps to see it and switch the words. Often when I say it out loud, I realize how I am allowing the world to pull me in. 

Do you believe in abundance? Do you believe that God can do more than we ask or imagine like he promises? I do and yet I forget. This past weekend I forgot and then God reminded me in his loving way that he can do so much more! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the drama and craziness especially right now. I must remind myself everyday to go to my abundance mindset. And, I'll say it again . . an abundance mindset is not about thinking I will be rich and have all the things. Abundance is not living in fear, abundance is believing that goals can be achieved, that good grades can be accomplished, that I can work in the job of my dreams, that people are loving and kind. Abundance is also not living foolishly. Abundance is living. It is believing the good. 

I believe 2020 is calling us to be intentional and to pivot. How do you pivot? Do you have a pity party (yes, I do sometimes too) or do you figure out a different approach. We went into Friday at my annversary party with awful wind and rainy weather approaching. I had 2 choices . .. cancel or keep going. Was it ideal? Nope. But, you know what? I had an awesome day both in sales and the fun I had with so many great people!

The division in our world right now is showing such incredibly examples of scarcity and abundance. The biggest example of scarcity I see today is the shaming of people who share a different opinion. It is one thing to disagree in a loving way, it is an entirely different thing to call names and shame. I know many of you have been personally bullied, shamed and called names as have I. That is the definition of scarcity. The only reason people shame and bully is out of fear. I must remind myself daily that the reaction is not about me having a different view, it is about fear they feel. It does not make their response right or ok, it helps me not to take it personally (this is hard when you are directly called ignorant or stupid!).

This morning I was flipping from my abundance thinking to my scarcity thinking. I am so close to reaching my 1 year revenue goal for the truck. In the midst of pandemics and wildfires and closed businesses, etc., I actually am almost to my goal! And, with 3 days left it is a stretch but still possible. Scarcity thinks is it too big of a stretch. Scarcity thinks I should not say anything for fear you, the wildflower community, will think I am being selfish or only care about sales. Abundance believes the goal is possible and abundance believes that you all want to be part of a community that believes in goals! So I chose to stick with abundance thinking today. I am so excited to reach this goal as a community of abundance thinkers!

Will you join me in working daily choosing abundance? Will you believe that you deserve a life of abundance thinking? I believe you do and I believe we can make a difference in this world by sharing this mindset. What do you need to change in your mindset today to think abundantly?



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