BE versus DO


How many of you were asked what you want to BE when you grow up? Can I get a show of hands? My guess, if I could see you, is that your hand is raised. From parents to teachers to friends to bosses . . . that was THE question when we were growing up. Honestly I too am guilty of using that phrase with my kids. Did you grow up to BE one thing? Are you still the BE you said you wanted to be? I am making a lot of assumptions here but I am guessing very few of us are still the one thing we said we wanted to BE. 

Kelly and I, as well as other friends, were recently pondering this. The general consensus was that it is a lousy question. What happens when we ask our kiddo what they want to BE when they grow up and that doesn’t happen? I remember saying that I wanted to be a doctor. When that wasn’t working out, I literally had no idea what else to choose. I was so lost. My eggs were literally in 1 basket and that basket had been thrown out the window. It felt so singular that I had no idea how to shift. 

What if we asked people “what things would you like to DO when you grow up?”. We can DO so many different things/careers/jobs/projects/etc! The opportunity is endless and it allows for change. It allows for changing the narrative and the path. It opens lots of doors instead of one lane. 

As I am about to turn 50, I can confidently say that I have done so much in my life and each positive as well as negative experience continues to prepare me for the next step…the next door to walk through. If you had asked me when I graduated from college what I would be doing today, I would never have believed it. 

Do you love what you are doing right now? Do you dream of doing something different? What is stopping you? 

While we are dreaming of the next and the next and then next job/career/project/etc we are going to, let’s change the narrative with the next generation. Let’s teach them to think bigger, ask questions, dream bigger. Teach them that they can DO so much!  It all starts with me and with you. 

So my question for you at any age or stage ... what do YOU want to DO next?

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