Being Creative . .

How are you all doing this hot week? As much as I love summer, these temps are tough with no A/C!! And, our beloved truck is lacking in insulation so she is an oven. Between unpredictable temps and constantly changing COVID guidelines, we are being creative to serve you all. 

Last week, I had the privilege of taking the truck to a friends house for a private shopping event. It was totally last minute. She was going to have a photo shoot Friday for her biz and was interested in clothes to fit the look she was going for. The challenge....she struggles with anxiety and cannot wear a mast. Though she can legally claim this in a store, the looks and the shaming are just as anxiety producing. Being somebody who has health issues as well, I truly understand this struggle and it is very real. 

So enter in our trusted Wildflower Fashion Truck! She is on wheels and we can bring her to YOU! We pulled up for 1 1/2 hours and played dress up in the middle of the day. Melissa had a few friends join us too! We followed all of the required guidelines and she could safely shop mask free. If you are on social media, pop over to Melissa's page . . I am primarily on Instagram so see her there @mkoehler. She shares her heart as well as all kinds of awesome photo tips, oil tips, etc! I am sure you will love her as much as I do. 

I cannot control what mandates are put in place, but I can be creative to meet the needs of my wonderful wildflowers! Some of us are missing time with our girlfriends and haven't shopped in months. It is easy to bring the truck to a group of you . .we can be outside and you all get to reconnect. Many of our friends are struggling with various health issues that masks exacerbate or are going through cancer treatments so being very careful with exposure .. .we can bring the truck to you. Some of us just want to avoid the crowds and have some peace with a few friends, we can and we love to bring the truck to you. 

For me it is such a joy to be able to give you a small bit of relief and "normalcy" in a time where chaos is our normal. We are strong and we are brave and we can weather the storm . .. and we need some moments to feel loved and cared for so we can go back to being brave and strong and storm weatherers (yep .. I am making up words).

Wildflowers let's be creative together. Let's create an awesome new environment together. We do not have to fall back and let everything control us  . . we can be a wildflower. If you have other creative ideas, I would love to hear them! Would you join me in creating a community that builds each other up? That holds our fellow wildflowers hand when she is not feeling brave? This is my heart for this community. I see it in each of you when you walk on the truck. I see it in you when you bring a friend to share the love. I see it in you when "strangers" encourage each other.

Will you join me in our community? Let's schedule a time to get the truck to you!



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