Body Talk 😱

Ladies… I gotta be honest here. I’m so hard on my body. Not physically but verbally. My mental self talk can be so incredibly terrible that I’m certain my mind is what causes so much drama! Anyone else? From the conversations on the truck I’m 100% certain that I am not alone. The self body shaming is real and we need to stop it. And, I’m also certain it is not going to stop without being intentional. That has been my word for a couple of years and I think it is remaining my word because I just haven’t quite embraced it. So I’m working on it. 

I’m working on a prayer and self talk change. Instead of bashing my physical flaws on the body that God created (so sorry for bashing your creation God!), I’m voicing gratitude for a body that moves me through the day. A body that carried, birthed, and sustained 3 babies. A body that, after a car accident, fought hard to heal in its miraculous way. It may be taking a long time but it is healing and that is a true miracle. A body that has an incredible immune system to fight off all kinds of illness. A body that likes to be fueled with healthy food and kindly reminds me when I don’t take care of it. A body that protects by adding a layer of “fluff” sometimes. Though I don’t like the fluff on me, I suppose the mind shift is to be grateful that is feels I need a fluff hug of protection right now😉

I invite you to join me. Would you join me in talking kindly to our bodies? Would you join me in showing gratitude for a body that works in such an incredible way? I mean think about each and every working part of our bodies! They are amazing and we should be in awe. Yes, I can pinch some inches and I absolutely hesitated putting in a fitted tank today … then that loving voice reminded me that I’m beautiful with the inches and without. And so are you sister. So please join me in changing the narrative. You and your body deserve it!

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