Over the years I have shared with many of you my heart behind the truck. Not only are clothes so much fun but I feel called for each and every one of you to know the incredibly unique woman God created you to be. The past couple of years have shown me so much. What I hear from the vast majority of you is a struggle. A struggle with loving yourself and feeling a sense of community. I deeply want you to know how loved you are and how amazing you are. I see so many women searching for opportunities to be part of a community. So many of you desire to own your own business but don't know how to start. After months of praying and pondering, God gave me a clear direction to make this a reality for many of you!

I have spent the past few months turning our favorite fashion truck into a franchise model and I am so excited!! In doing this I will be able to provide women across the country the opportunity to own their own business while being part of a community. I will provide a guidebook, training, direction, etc. These women will have cheerleaders and a community to bounce ideas off of. And the community will be running the same business just in different locations. I cannot begin to convey how passionate I am about this group of women who will be helping other women know how amazingly God created them!

 A few months ago as I was in the middle of this process, God brought Kelly Foster into my space. Kelly has been patiently waiting while I created and prepared all the information behind the scenes. July 11th, Kelly became the first member of this community and is the new owner of the OG (original for those who do not have teens living in their homes!) truck in Bend!

What does this mean for you? Kelly will be the person who you see on the truck and will be sharing all the wildflower love with you. I will fill in periodically (this week in fact!) and I will be behind the scenes partnering with her! She will be providing the same awesome clothes and personal service. We are both super excited to partner together and she is excited to be part of this growing wildflower community. 

What else does it mean? For those outside of Central Oregon, it means there is now an opportunity for you to own a Wildflower Fashion Truck in your area. Reach out to me at wildflowerfashiontruck@gmail.com for more info!

I know that change is hard and I have such a great connection with so many of you! I am not going anywhere and Kelly is awesome! Each of you have a very special place in my heart. Each of you have helped me to see how important this truck is and how much it makes a difference in the lives of women. Each of you have helped me see what can be and I am so incredibly thankful for YOU!

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