Storms . .

I have spoken with many of you beautiful wildflowers lately about the storms you are all traveling through. Our weekend actually became laughable. So many storms and it literally ended Sunday night with a large tree branch falling on the roof of one of our cars. Seriously! 

We are living in a time that has so much division and confusion. People are cooped up and we are exhausted from trying to follow all of the data thrown at us daily. We can get so sucked into the pit that it is hard to even know how to dig out. 

My hope on the truck is that we continue to foster a loving space that gives you a break from the crazy. I know God is bigger than all that is going on and that gives me daily peace. 

To be completely honest , this weekend did me in. I feel emotionally and physically drained. BUT, the thing that I have discovered over time is that the more beaten down I am feeling, the harder I need to fight to rise up! I know in these situations that evil does not want us to have community and does not want us to ban together. So let's link arms and hold each other up!

Wildflowers you are strong and you are brave! I see you and I know that we can weather this storm together. When you are tired and hitting that wall, remember that YOU are part of this community. You may not all know each other but you are a community and sometimes knowing that is all that matters. 

Would you help me with something? Would you comment on our page when you are having a tough day and struggling? Would you encourage your fellow wildflower when you see her comment about it? Would you share a joy from your day? My hearts desire is to create a community that cares about each other and it takes each of us. In this time more than I have ever seen in my life, we need to come together. Please join me in creating a loving and kind space for each other!

Thank you for being such a beautiful example of what our truck stands for . .. rise up together wildflowers! 





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