Truckin' With The Ladies!

Happy Monday! I am so excited to sit down with you to share about a super fun event we had with the truck Saturday night! I am not sure I can convey what a blast it was to bring the truck to a bachelorette party. These gals were so much fun! My friend, Samantha, joined us to get some shots. What more can you ask for than twins who were twinning again and again? 

This group of gals had been floating the river all day and enjoying the Bend life. After quick showers they raided the truck. I am pretty sure at one point half the clothes were in the house being tried on. They modeled for us and shopped while enjoying wine and cheese. 

First, how gorgeous is she? This picture captures the evening and the fun we had! Loving the Alexis Jumpsuit pictured above. One of my favorite parts of a private event is getting to watch a group of friends connect and encourage each other. These ladies helped each other find that perfect outfit for them and there was an air of encouragement. With all the issues in the world today, everyone got to forget the drama and have fun. 

The beautiful bride to be and her equally beautiful sister! I have had the privilege of working with these ladies in the past and was honored to share in their special celebration. They walked out of the house time after time with the same outfit on without knowing that they were doing that! Twinning for real in the Josie Jumpsuit! You can tell by this photo the joy of the night! We were having so much fun that the neighbors kept popping in to check out the action and pop on the truck!

Did you know that you can book the truck for a fun ladies event? Right now more than ever we need time with our besties and this is a great way to do it! Here is how it works . .. you book the truck (free of charge!!), gather your gal pals, we pull up and open the doors to welcome you all in! This is an easy way to socially distance with your friends, reconnect in person, and have fun! Throw in some munchies and beverages of choice for a perfect event! 

Thank you ladies for a fabulous night and cheers to the blushing bride!


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  • My twins had a blast! What an adorable photo of them. Thanks Tara


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