What If....

Oh beautiful wildflower.... I really love you so much! I have been pondering and chewing on so many things over the past few months. God has put some incredible visions and dreams on my heart that I cannot wait to share with you! Today I am sitting in a quiet hotel room in Austin, TX and have the whole day to myself. What a gift, right? I have been looking forward to this time and the opportunity to sit with you to chat. I know we are not physically together BUT we are in spirit and when you read this you will know that I was thinking about YOU!

I am so blessed to have many, many conversations with y'all. The truck is such a special, safe place for people and I love that you share your struggles, thoughts, and hearts. I hear an overwhelming sense of frustration and "stuckness" (is this even a word? You know what I am saying though!). We are frustrated with our weight, limits, controls on us, changes out of our hands, politics, lack of kindness, etc. I hear you and I totally know how you feel. In that, I am going to pose the question ...WHAT IF....

What if you lost the weight, then what? What if people were kinder, then what? What if controls changed, then what?

How about this....what if we stopped worrying about our weight and just chose to be healthy (please know that I am pointing all 10 fingers at me with this statement). What if we focused on the dreams God puts on our hearts instead of the external circumstances that are frustrating? What if you, yes you sweet friend, realized all you could be? All that God has for you? What if? What if you could have a job you loved? A marriage you dreamed about? Friends that fill your cup? PEACE? 

Many of you know my story. For those who don't, I am always happy to share and will do more at a different time. There is nothing super spectacular about my story, it was simply life changing for our family. I don't expect people to fall over and be impressed, instead my hope is that it gives you hope too. Out of months in bed from a car accident with a brain injury, I had a LOT of quiet time with God and was blessed to gain some clarity on my calling and dreams. It was the hardest time of my life so far. It was painfully lonely. And, every moment God was there. Born out of really really hard stuff, was dreams and passions AND God is doing it in His timing with my limited capabilities. It is incredibly humbling to see how God can and does work. In fact, I was walking around town this morning with my husband and commented to him how crazy it is that I cannot handle a busy, loud restaurant but can build what I'm working on right now (more to come!!). I suppose it is truly in our weakness He can make us strong. It is so interesting to me. 

So back to what if? What if you listened to that dream and walked through that door? Often the dream requires patience. Isn't that the hardest!!! So what dream has been put on your heart? Did you pack it away because it didn't make sense at the time? Or are you mindfully paying attention to the time when the door opens towards it? What if you get to walk through that door today? What then? Will you do it? I can promise you, it will not be easy and it will be a big scary . . but...what if? What if it works out in the coolest and craziest way? What if it is more incredible that you could ask or imagine? What if? 

As we start taking some leaps of faith, I hope this can encourage you to walk through the door as it opens, to try the new things, to do what scares you because, what if doing it puts you in a space to do incredible things for the people in your space or in this world? What if the dream on your heart can change lives for the better? What if you can encourage somebody else to step out of their comfort zone to something greater? Could you imagine a world where we live out the dreams God gives us? WHAT IF.....

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  • Love this! Much love back at you! 💛


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