Wildflowers that Impact!

One of my greatest passions is empowering and encouraging women and young girls to be all that they were created to be. I know some of you reading this will have all the negative thoughts like . . I am not created for much or I do not matter . .. .I am speaking to you right now . . .you ARE created for so much and YOU are valuable! So first we need to get on the same page ladies and know that each of us was created for an amazing purpose! 

Wildflowers . . .our impact can be so huge. Each of you have supported the truck by shopping and being part of the community. Did you know that you are also impacting the lives of so many others? 

I have added a page to the website called Truck Impact. Here you will find the list of those people and organizations that we (we as in every single wildflower) support. I love that we can come together and reach so many. I am committed to continuing to support as many organizations as we can.

One fun way that I love to support other organizations who are empowering and encouraging women and young girls, is by donating a gift card and truck experience to them. They are able to auction this off and when we go have a truck party with the winner, we donate an additional 10% to the organization. 

I tell you this not to "brag" about what I am doing, rather to share what this awesome wildflower community is doing together! In a world that is creating division right now, I want you to see the good you are doing and the difference this community is and will continue to make. 

Thank you for being a part of this awesome community of wildflowers! Thank you for being your amazing self! I invite you to include some of your besties in our community. We love to add wildflowers to our mix and I would be honored for your friends to join us! Most importantly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our little truck so we can make a big impact together!


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