You CAN Wear Jumpsuits!

Happy Monday!! Everyone loves a jumpsuit but so many women think they cannot wear them. I hear time and again how they will be too flowy, too much fabric, not for large chested women, not for those with a “gut”, etc. I have heard the list and you know what...once tried on, the majority of women can find a jumpsuit that looks great on them! 


The pictured jumpsuits are on my truck and I have seen them on many bodies. Some are longer and some a capris fit. Though there is not a “one style fits all”, there is surely one for you! I encourage you to take the plunge and try a few on. Please do not judge all jumpsuits by the 1 you tried. Give them a chance. A good jumpsuit can be a very versatile item for your wardrobe! You can be super casual with it over a swimsuit and a pair of flip flops OR dressed up with heels and accessories OR somewhere in the middle with a denim jacket and cute wedges. Whatever your style, give the jumpsuit a second look!


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