About The Truck

“The Truck” as we refer to her, is a 1981 Frito Lay delivery truck turned into a darling boutique on wheels by the brilliant Mariah! She had a vision and created something so unique and amazing. Tara was fortunate to know Mariah from Wildflower events and would always smile when she would see the truck out and about. 

Fast forward to 2019, Tara was in a car accident that left her spending months in bed with a traumatic brain injury. It was soon clear she would not be returning to her previous career.  Tara and her husband spent a lot of time praying and asking God what his plan was for them. Tara knew it would somehow involve her passion for women to know how amazing God created them to be. Seven months after her accident, she discovered Mariah was ready to sell the truck. Wildflowers are each unique and special. Can you believe how perfectly Tara's  passion and this awesome truck aligned? God was so kind in this beautiful gift!

I was fortunate to know Tara in passing from Wildflower events and shopping on the truck.  I would also smile whenever I would see the truck out and about.

Fast forward to the spring of 2022, I was and had been, ready to change up my 27 year-long career as a speech pathologist (I also have a history of head injury, although this wasn't the only reason I was looking to change things up). I requested Tara's number from a mutual friend, leaving it in my wallet for several weeks. Feeling particularly called one day, I dialed Tara's number and we ended up in a long, rich, reveletory conversation.  I learned Tara was franchising the business.  By July, I was the first franchisee and new owner of the Wildflower Fashion Truck of Central Oregon!

One of the things that spoke to my heart was the regular 'Truck Impact' events designed to give back to this wonderful community we live in, as well as the mission of the truck, to empower ALL women and girls to know how amazing God created them to be. It is my passion to be kind and authentic in my actions and words. My heart's desire is that every woman and girl who comes off the truck knows that she is valued and beautiful, just as she is. 

It is an incredible gift to know and work with each of you. Together we are spreading Wildflowers across the nation!